Past Events

Rod and Bar Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar 

Conference Details: 22–25 February 2016, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Conference Highlights: After an introduction to the Rod & Bar Technology Committee and brief history of the Rod and Bar training seminar, the conference kicked off with an overview of the host plant, CMC Steel Texas. This was followed by a presentation on one of the most critical topics in the industry: safety, particularly in the rolling mills, with the presenters using personal experiences and real-world examples to illustrate how a successful program can be achieved. Next, the metallurgy of long products in today’s rolling mills was explored, starting from a basic overview of the chemistry of carbon steel and how different elements effect its characteristics to what happens to the structure of the steel as it solidifies and cools.
“The First Stand in the Mill” included an overview of the different types of furnaces and methods of delivering heat, looking at what happens to the steel inside the furnace, and exploring all levels of control from local instrumentation to tracking, modeling, delay strategies and safety. “Basic Rolling Theory” followed, illustrating everything from basic terminology to the more complex science of the entire rolling process. “Scale in a Rolling Mill” covered the properties of both furnace and mill scale, how to remove and control it, and its effect on steel and equipment. The last presentation of the day looked at the mill costs involved in producing steel rod and bar. A reception was held for all attendees following the seminar.
Day two of the seminar began with a presentation on work rolls used in rod and bar rolling, examining different properties, applications, and issues associated with the different types. This was followed by a comprehensive examination of torque and its effects on all aspects of the rolling stand. Next, “Drives and Automation for Long Product Rolling Mills” showcased how and why excellent drive performance and advanced mill automation is necessary for optimum mill performance. The final presentation was on cold product cut-down shears, which discussed the components, types of cut, cut sequence, types of knives, calculating how many bars to cut, setting the knife gap, and continuous improvement and maintenance best practices.
The seminar concluded on day three with a tour of CMC Steel Texas.
The 2017 Rod and Bar Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar will be held in February 2017 in Atlanta, Ga., USA, with Gerdau Long Steel North America Cartersville Mill serving as host plant.

1. Presenters on day one of Rod and Bar Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar included (left to right): Kevin Barbee of Danieli Corp., Bob Greuter of Danieli Corp., Bob Bennett of Danieli Corp., Bill Posey of Sintermet LLC and Joe Kennedy of Quad Engineering. 2. Presenters on day two of the conference included (left to right): Steve Pegg of Russula, Terry Rasmussen of Nucor Steel–Nebraska, Dan Davies of Fives Group and Jerry Herrmann of Nucor Steel–Berkeley. 3. Ty Hall, rolling mill superintendent, CMC Steel Texas, was presented with a plaque of appreciation for his keynote speech during the conference (left to right): Kevin Barbee, RBRTC education chair; Hall; Matt Blitch, RBRTC chair; and Bob Greuter, RBRTC education chair. 4. Attendees of Rod and Bar Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar toured CMC Steel Texas.