Past Events

Secondary Steelmaking Refractories — A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 10–12 October 2016, Birmingham, Ala., USA, with CMC Steel Alabama serving as host plant. 
Conference Highlights: There were 81 people in attendance at this eighth-annual training seminar. Jonathan Ridgeway, meltshop manager, CMC Steel Alabama, was the keynote speaker. He discussed the steel history of Birmingham, and provided an overview of CMC. CMC Steel Alabama has been in existence since 1983. Ridgeway noted that the safety culture at CMC Steel Alabama continues to improve every year.
This refractory-based training seminar has expanded to include process-related presentations relating to melting vessel operations and secondary steelmaking processes. The program’s offerings included casting operations, with presentations that depict the importance of refractories in production and quality for steelmaking and casting.
Refractory brick production, ladle insulation and construction, and ladle and tundish flow control systems were discussed during the morning session. Steel ladle mechanisms and measuring options and tap-to-cast operations were presented followed by a panel discussion and reception, which concluded the first day. The panelists were Helmut Oltmann of Nucor Steel–Berkeley, Harriet Dutka of Magnesita Refractories, Albert Dainton of MARTEK Consulting LLC, Carl Corbin of Vesuvius and Rob Doty of IMACRO Inc. Jimmy Barrett of Allied Minerals Products Inc. served as moderator.
The second day of the conference started with a safety presentation from John Panconi of BISCO Refractories. The subject of total tundish technology was addressed by Albert Dainton, who explained the importance of refractory materials with continuous casting. Helmut Oltmann discussed secondary steelmaking processes, giving the group an operational viewpoint of what’s needed to successfully take the steel process from liquid to solid material.
Topics discussed in the afternoon session were ladle thermal imaging, flow control products, refractory testing, caster mold flux technology and ladle free opens. The next morning, attendees were given a tour of CMC Steel Alabama’s steelmaking operations.

1. Jimmy Barrett (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Jon Ridgeway (right), meltshop manager, CMC Steel Alabama, for his keynote presentation. 2. Attendees of Secondary Steelmaking Refractories — A Practical Training Seminar toured CMC Steel Alabama.