Past Events

Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements

Conference Details: 17–18 October 2017, Indianapolis, Ind., USA

Conference Highlights: Sixty attendees partook in the course, which covered the design, operation and maintenance requirements for air emissions capture systems in order to meet the ever-challenging U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements facing today’s industry.
The conference kicked off Tuesday morning with a presentation by Mike Brooks of Steel Dynamics Inc. His presentation focused on understanding the EPA and how it is enforcing today’s air emission requirements, highlighting the recent regulatory approaches to air compliance at steel mills, which served as a nice introduction to the conference.
Dejan Zrelec of Tenova Goodfellow Inc. followed with a presentation on thermodynamics, plume behavior and collection hoods for the capture of pollutants. Bill Allan of Ramboll Environ then discussed heat transfer, control, and the impact on system design and operation.
Gordon Janes of JAGO Environmental Technologies provided keys to effective evaporative gas cooling for hot process gases. Vern Martin of Flowcare Engineering Inc. covered fan fundamentals and design. Dan Banyay of Robinson Fans then followed with a presentation on retrofitting higher-efficiency fans.
Ray Tedford of Schust Engineering Inc. provided and overview of what control technologies are used and why. Following a panel discussion with the day’s presenters, attendees enjoyed a networking reception that evening.
The second day began with a presentation by Mike Allen of Parker Hannifin Corp. on improving baghouse operations. Trevin Berger of Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc. followed with a talk on mechanical dust transport. Larry Brown of BWF Envirotec discussed the various types, selection, failure and steps to optimizing the performance and life of baghouse filtration media.
Earl Parker of Auburn Systems LLC provided an overview and evolution of broken bag detectors. Ray Tedford of Schust Engineering Inc. then discussed how applied industrial ventilation can impact EPA requirements, as well as operation and maintenance costs. Dejan Zrelec covered computational fluid dynamics modeling for system upgrades and other considerations. Kyle Edwards of ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P. concluded the day by addressing the quantification of emissions from steel shops.
The following morning, conference attendees were invited to attend the Environmental Technology Committee meeting prior to departing for a tour of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Products Division.

Conference attendees and ETC members enjoyed a tour of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Products Division. ETC vice chair, Kyle Edwards (right), presented a plaque of appreciation to Dan Keown (left) for hosting the tour of the facility.