Past Events

Maintenance Solutions — A Practical Training Seminar

Attendees participated in a teambuilding exercise during the Maintenance Solutions seminar.

Conference Details: 6–8 November 2017, Charleston S.C., USA

About 80 people attended this practical training seminar, which focused on maintenance, reliability, lubrication and hydraulics. After a general introduction, Ron Moore of The RM Group gave the keynote session, titled “Getting Executive Sponsorship for Reliability — A Reliable Plant Is a Safe Plant Is a Cost-Effective Plant.” Reliability is controversial because it depends on one’s concept of need. The impact of safety and cost were explored in connection with getting executives to appreciate the dollar value of a reliable safe plant.

Following this session, the group was divided into two tracks:

  • Track 1 focused on maintenance and reliability. Included were presentations about maintenance strategy development and proper maintenance techniques. A “hands-on gallery” with demonstrations from various vendors of expansion joints, predictive MTCE tools, torqueing of fasteners, gearboxes, roller bearings, and failed hydraulic components were on display with various supplier experts available to describe equipment and answer questions from viewers. Day one ended with a roundtable discussion with plant operators and suppliers fielding job-related maintenance problems.

  • Track 2 began with lubrication fundamentals and understanding greases, and proceeded to lubrication systems, bearing failures, commissioning of new hydraulic systems, selection of fluids and greases/compatibility with environmental concerns, and a case study about  experiences with caster grease at United States Steel Corporation. There was also a session on advances in industrial oils specifically for the steel industry.

The 2017 Silver Reliability Achievement Award (RAA) and the 2017 Bronze Reliability Achievement Award winners gave case study presentations of their respective award-winning entries. ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P. won the Silver RAA for its “Caster Segment Bearing Reliability Improvements,” and California Steel Industries Inc. won the Bronze RAA for “Making of a Vertical Turbine Pump Station.”
Both tracks were brought together for a final session titled “Did We Learn Anything?” This provided a general review of the subjects presented throughout the conference and allowed for real-world solutions to be discovered that will have a direct application in the plant.
The conference included a tour of Nucor Steel–Berkeley. Attendees had the choice of touring either the beam mill or the cold mill.

1. Colleen Reeves (standing) led a panel discussion during the Maintenance Solutions seminar. 2. Rob Sensel displayed various failed hydraulic components during the hands-on gallery. 3. Attendees toured Nucor Steel–Berkeley beam mill and cold mill during the seminar.