Past Events

Rod and Bar Rolling – A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 20–23 February 2017, Atlanta, Ga., USA

Presenters from the conference included (left to right): Robert Bennett, Danieli Corp.; Jerry Herrmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley and Kevin Barbee, Danieli Corp.

Conference Highlights: The keynote speaker was Casimiro Liborio, vice president plant manager, Gerdau Long Steel North America Cartersville Mill, who gave an overview of the history of the company and a detailed look at the host plant, which was acquired by Gerdau in 2002.  
The keynote was followed by a presentation on safety, particularly in the rolling mills, with the presenters Matt Blitch, Nucor Steel–Nebraska, and Jerry Herrmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley.
Terry Rasmussen, Nucor Steel–Nebraska, presented on the metallurgy of steel, focusing on long products. He discussed the basics of the chemistry of steelmaking, how different grades affect the rolling process and what happens to the characteristics of steel as it solidifies.
Dan Davies, Fives Corp., and Ty Hall, Commercial Metals Company – Texas, gave attendees a thorough understanding of the reheat furnace and how the “First Stand in the Mill” affects product quality, rolling and other downstream processing.  
Joe Kennedy, Quad Engineering, delivered “Basics of Rolling Theory,” which explained the complex science of the rolling process.
New to the 2017 program was “Descaling and Spray Issues in Hot Rolling,” by Lesli Peterson, Spraying Systems Co. This presentation covered measuring impact numbers, choosing nozzles, efficiency, setup, header design, descaling different products on the same line, and nozzle maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting.
Another new presentation was “Challenges and Innovations of Industry 4.0,” by Raffaele Treu from Danieli Taranis LLC. Discussion focused on the internet of things, automation, analytics and how they are used in today’s long products mills.
Chris Hrizo, Whemco, discussed the different types of rolls and how this highly engineered item works.
Kevin Barbee, Danieli Corp. and Rod & Bar Rolling Technology Committee (RBRTC) education chair, gave a presentation that examined torque and its effects on all aspects of the rolling stand.
Robert Bennett, Danieli Corp., discussed shears, covering basic components, essential calculations, setting the proper blade gap, rules of thumb, factors affecting the cut/cutting surface, troubleshooting, maintenance and continuous improvement.
The final presentation, given by Jerry Herrmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley, was a case study on the mill stand improvement project implemented in the beam mill and winner of the 2015 Gold Reliability Achievement Award. 
The program concluded with a Q&A session with experts from the RBRTC, moderated by Kevin Barbee. Discussion items included equipment-specific issues and solutions, what to inspect after installation, how specific grades of steel  affect the rolling equipment, and best practices.
The last day of the conference provided attendees the opportunity to tour Gerdau Long Steel North America Cartersville Mill.

RBRTC chair Tracy Schutz (left) and vice chair Jerry Herrmann (right) presented Scott Clark (center), rolling mill superintendent at Gerdau Long Steel North America Cartersville Mill, with a plaque of appreciation for hosting a tour of the facility.