Past Events

Secondary Steelmaking Refractories — A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 23–26 October 2017 • Milwaukee, Wis., USA

A panel discussion was held during the Secondary Steelmaking Refractories course (left to right): Rob Doty, IMACRO; Helmut Oltmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley; Harriet Dutka, RHI Magnesita; and Carl Corbin, Vesuvius USA. In the back row is moderator Jimmy Barrett, Allied Mineral Products Inc.

Conference Highlghts: There were 101 in attendance with 68 participants representing 18 steelmaking facilities, including two attendees from Tata Steel Ltd. in the Netherlands. This is a great example of AIST’s global outreach with many of its training seminars.
Greg Schaefer, melting plant manager, Charter Steel – Saukville, was the keynote speaker. Schaefer touched upon Charter Steel – Saukville’s safety culture and new projects, including a new melting furnace, as well as their successful caster tundish spraying program.
The first day of the seminar concentrated on refractory requirements for secondary steelmaking. Brick manufacturing, ladle insulation, stir plugs and slidegates, along with pre-heating ladle programs covered the refractory aspects involved in the steelmaking process. A tap-to-cast presentation discussed the production demands required to be successful. The first day concluded with a panel discussion with the following panelists: Harriet Dutka, RHI Magnesita; Helmut Oltmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley; Carl Corbin, Vesuvius; and Rob Doty, IMACRO Inc. Jimmy Barrett, Allied Mineral Products Inc., served as moderator.
The second day mixed refractory applications with operational practices from the melting furnace to the caster. The secondary steelmaking process at the ladle met furnace was described in detail along with the ladle refractory impacted. Refractory testing and analysis was featured as a requirement for today’s casting demands. The day concluded with caster tundish principals along with caster flux guidelines and casting flow control products.
The next day included a tour of Charter Steel – Saukville’s steelmaking operations.
The 10th annual Secondary Steelmaking Refractories — A Practical Training Seminar will be held in Charleston, S.C., USA, in October 2018, with Nucor Steel–Berkeley serving as host plant.

Attendees enjoyed a very informative plant tour of Charter Steel – Saukville, which concluded the 9th annual Secondary Steelmaking Refractories training seminar.