Past Events

Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems

Conference Details: 21–23 March 2017, Holiday Inn Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tenn., USA

Conference Highlights: This conference, organized by the Energy & Utilities Technology Committee (EUTC), provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of combustion and thermal systems used throughout steel mills. The course material is designed to be applicable wherever there is heat or flame in the steelmaking process. 
Jared Kaufmann, Tenova Core Inc., opened the conference Wednesday morning. He welcomed the attendees and gave an overview of the EUTC and the conference. The speakers of the day were introduced and safety and housekeeping items addressed. 
EUTC education chair Shailesh Gangoli, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., gave the first presentation, “Fundamentals of Combustion,” which laid the groundwork for the rest of the course. The components of combustion systems were covered in depth: burners, flow metering and piping systems, and fans and blowers. Mark Kampe and Bryan Baesel from CEC Combustion covered combustion safety standards, maintenance, burner management systems, and control components. Chuck Grantham from Charter Steel – Cleveland finished the day with a presentation on sensors and diagnostics. A networking reception followed.
The morning of day two focused on energy and emissions. Shailesh Gangoli and Michael Cochran, Bloom Engineering, started the day with their presentation on advanced energy optimization. This was followed by presentations covering thermal system emissions, the role of refractory, and energy efficiency and economics.
The afternoon kicked off with Jared Kaufmann’s interactive combustion troubleshooting presentation. Attendees were then put to work with group case studies and shared their results. The course concluded with a presentation by Kurt Johnson, ArcelorMittal USA Research, also titled “Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems,” tying the course material together into the various combustion applications found throughout the steel plant.

1. Presenters at Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems included (left to right): Ben Gatto, Hauck Manufacturing; Dan Banyay, Robinson Fans; Michael Cochran, Bloom Engineering Co. Inc.; Shailesh Gangoli, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.; Gregory Odenthal, International Technical Ceramics; Mark Kampe, CEC Combustion Safety; Chuck Grantham, Charter Steel – Cleveland; Jared Kaufmann, Tenova Core; Bryan Baesel, CEC Combustion Safety. 2. Ron Davis, FXC Performance, presented “Flow Metering and Piping Systems.”