Past Events

Long Products Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar

Bernardo Marzala, Gerdau Long Steel North America Midlothian Mill, accepted a plaque of appreciation for his keynote presentation (left to right): Kevin Barbee, LPTC education chair; Tracy Schutz, LPTC chair; Marzala; and Jerry Herrmann, LPTC vice chair.

Conference Details: 19–22 February 2018, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Bernardo Marzala, rolling mill manager Gerdau Midlothian served as keynote speaker. Plant statistics and recent upgrades were presented. The Spraying Systems Co. sponsored the seminar.
This year’s program involved six new presentations regarding an environmental management system, descaling and water issues, bar and rod applications, combustion emissions, and plant upgrade presentations from Nucor Steel Kankakee Inc. and Nucor Steel–Auburn.
Here are a few takeaways attendees got from the presentations:

  • Derek Voight of Nucor LMP Steel and Joe Jacobin of Nucor Steel–Berkeley gave a presentation on changing the mindset on safety to create a safer environment.

  • Lesli Peterson of Spraying Systems Co. concentrated on scale formation and how to react with proper spray nozzle placement and maintenance.

  • Bob Cryderman from Colorado School of Mines gave an overview on bar and rod applications. End use materials require certain processes like quench and temper, cold drawing, cold extrusion, forging, and  wire applications to name a few. In a separate presentation, Cryderman presented an introduction to The Making, Shaping, and Treating of Steel: Long Products Volume, which was published in 2017.

  • Bill Posey of SinterMet LLC described roll nomenclature with work rolls, cantilever rolls, 3-roll systems, pinch rolls and other types. Applications and materials for roll composition will determine maximizing quality and performance.

  • Kevin Barbee, Danieli Corp. and the Long Products Technology Committee’s education chair, presented rolling stand principles and operational techniques.

  • Steve Pegg of Russula Corp. concluded the seminar discussing drives and automation in today’s rolling mill control functionalities.

The 2019 Long Products Training Seminar will be held in Scottsdale, Ariz., USA, on 25–28 February 2019.

Kevin Barbee, Danieli Corp. and LPTC education chair, acknowledged presenters at Long Products Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar (1, left to right): Steve Pegg, Russula Corp.; Barbee; and Jarrod Prill, Nucor Steel–Auburn; and (2, left to right): Derek Voight, Nucor Steel LMP; Joe Jacobin, Nucor Steel–Berkeley; Jerry Herrmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley and LPTC vice chair; Barbee; Tracy Schutz, Nucor Steel Seattle Inc. and LPTC chair; Bob Cryderman, Colorado School of Mines; and Joe Kennedy, Quad Engineering Inc.
Attendees of Long Products Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar toured Gerdau Long Steel North America Midlothian Mill.