Past Events

Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 24–26 September 2018, Houston, Texas, USA

David Johnson, Paragon Industries and Pipe & Tube Technology Committee (PTTC) chair, served as the keynote speaker, who touched on steel tariffs, recent and current pipe and tube market conditions, North American shale operations, new drilling techniques, pipe product innovations, and end-use applications.
Frank Baumgardner, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC and PTTC vice chair, discussed steelmaking operations for the pipe and tube industry. He focused on API product melting and casting, steel chemistry requirements, along with clean steel and quality strategies. The first day’s programming concluded with hot rolling, seamless and welded pipe processes, heat treatment, and maintenance requirements for the pipe industry.
The second day concentrated on electromagnetic acoustic transducer and electromagnetic inspection programs, along with threading applications. Chakeyla Manuel, EHS director for TMK IPSCO Baytown, discussed safety innovations such as smart personal protective equipment and smart cameras. Manuel also described the virtual reality safety training program that is in place at TMK IPSCO Baytown.
Pipeline corrosion, drone technology for the pipeline and refinery inspections were also discussed. A final presentation from Bill Lowry of the U.S. DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) concluded the seminar.  
The next Pipe and Tube seminar will be held in Birmingham, Ala., USA, on 23–26 September 2019.

1. Organizers of Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar were (left to right):  David Johnson, PTTC chair; Susan Conley, PTTC education chair; and Frank Baumgardner, PTTC vice chair. 2. Presenters on the first day included (left to right): Steve Marzina, Doug Stalheim, Sasha Tupalo, Conley, Rafael Mesquita, Johnson, Larry Smith, Baumgardner, Ollie Burkinshaw and Nico Goessens. 3. Presenters on the second day included (left to right): Baumgardner, Chakeyla Manuel, Michael Ege, Martin Schilling, Johnson, Bill Lowry, Conley, Greg Donikowski, and Robert Evans.
Rafael Patron (center), plant manager at TMK IPSCO Baytown, accepted a plaque of appreciation from Frank Baumgardner (left), PTTC vice chair, and Susan Conley (right), PTTC education chair, on behalf of the attendees of the Pipe and Tube Training Seminar.