Past Events

The 2nd International Symposium on the Recent Developments in Plate Steels

Conference Details: 3–6 June 2018, Orlando, Fla., USA

After seven years of mounting advances in plate technology, more than 100 attendees and presenters gathered in Orlando, Fla., to learn about the recent developments in plate steels. This symposium was a follow-up to AIST’s first plate symposium, which was held in 2011.
Nearly half of the participants traveled from outside the United States. Attendees represented the academic community, individual producer companies, highly experienced consultants and multiple end user organizations.
The technical exposure received over the three-day stretch began with the very first presentations, which focused on a strong metallurgical foundation, moving to address thermomechanical-controlled (TMCP) processing, variations of controlled cooling, direct quenching, leveling, annealing, and addition of hard metal coatings. Weldability, survivability in hydrogen embrittlement (sour gas) conditions, and newer robust quality assessment methods and equipment were also covered. Progress was shown in the development of reliable mathematical models for more effective electronic simulation, and many of these are already supported by physical test lab validations. The program then moved to visualization techniques that demonstrated state-of-the-art tools that are taming the challenges presented.
End users’ perspectives came from the experts within the construction equipment, wind tower, rail tank car and underground pipeline communities, with each presenter explaining unique product performance requirements. Included in the highlights were various challenges for safety, productivity and ever-increasing material demands that must be met by solutions from the producer and academic communities. Crossover technologies based on high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) materials now being developed for the automotive world became clear as the week progressed.
The proceedings of this symposium are available from the AIST Digital Library for those who missed the event in person, and who want to stay abreast of this unique summary of today’s advancements within the global plate product arena.
A special thanks go to the general organizing and planning committee members: Rick Bodnar, SSAB Americas R&D; John Speer, Colorado School of Mines; Amar De, Big River Steel; Quinlin Yu, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.; and Tanya Ros-Yanez, ArcelorMittal USA.

1. Attendees of the 2nd International Symposium on the Recent Developments in Plate Steels represented academia, steel producers and end users. 2. Rick Bodnar (left) and Ron O’Malley (right) both presented during the symposium. 3. The symposium was held on 3–6 June 2018 in Orlando, Fla., USA.