Past Events

Long Products Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 25–28 February 2019, Charleston, S.C., USA
No. of Attendees: 82

Shawn Boggs, Nucor Steel–Berkeley beam mill manager, served as the keynote speaker on the first day of the seminar. Boggs provided an interesting overview of the plant’s operations. Nucor employees Derek Voight and Joe Jacobin presented a passionate reflection on safety, considering what’s important in personal safety and health. Bob Cryderman,
Colorado School of Mines, and Joe Kennedy, Quad Engineering, also spoke on the first day of the seminar. Cryderman and Kennedy have a combined total of more than 75 years of rolling mill experience between them. Cryderman’s presentation, “Rod/Bar Products and Applications,” along with Kennedy’s “Pass Design and Rolling Theory” captivated the attendees’ attention and provided them valuable insight. Jonathan Straetker from Nucor Steel–Nebraska described rolling mill metallurgy and its importance for quality control. An overview of the start-up of CMC Steel Oklahoma and its current operations concluded the first day. 
The second day began with a tour of Nucor Steel–Berkeley. The group was given an up-close look at the meltshop and both casting facilities, concluding with a tour of the beam mill.
Following the plant tour, Michael Cochran, Bloom Engineering Co., presented “Reheat Furnace Basics,” followed by Lesli Peterson, Spray Systems Co., who covered “Descaling and Spray Issues in Hot Rolling.” Peterson addressed scale formation and water nozzle configurations as key measurements. The second day concluded with Larry Smith, SMS group Inc., who presented “Technology of Merchant Bar Mills.”
The third day started with a presentation by LPTC education chair Kevin Barbee, Danieli Corp., who discussed torque and the rolling stand. Mechanical aspects with rolling mill equipment were highlighted. Next, Bill Posey, SinterMet LLC, spoke about work rolls for rod and bar production. He mentioned how important keeping records on roll usage can prevent roll failures. Steve Pegg, Russula Corp., addressed electrical drives and automation innovations. In the afternoon, George Burnet of Braun Machine Technologies presented “Cutting Technologies.” Arnab Mukherjee, Danieli Tanaris, presented “In-Line Inspection Systems for Long Product Mills,” which touched upon Industry 4.0 concepts for data collection and real-time adjustments in the process. Finally, Larry Smith presented “Routine Maintenance and Condition Monitoring.” Maintenance philosophies were described and practices for operational success were recommended.
The 10th annual Long Products Rolling seminar will be held (tentatively) on 24–28 February 2020 in Jacksonville, Fla., USA, with CMC Steel Florida serving as plant host.

1. Pictured are the presenters on the first day of the Long Products Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar (left to right): Larry Smith, SMS group Inc.; Bob Cryderman, Colorado School of Mines; Jerry Herrmann, Long Products Technology Committee (LPTC) chair, Nucor Steel–Berkeley; Kevin Barbee, LPTC education chair, Danieli Corp.; Michael Cochran, Bloom Engineering Co.; Lesli Peterson, Spray Systems Co.; and Derek Voight, LPTC papers chair, Nucor LMP Steel. 
2. Presenters on the second day of the seminar included (left to right): Kevin Barbee; Arnab Mukherjee, Danieli Tanaris; Joe Jacobin, Nucor Steel–Berkeley; Bill Posey, SinterMet LLC; Steve Pegg, Russula Corp.; and Jerry Herrmann.
Chris Petrie (right), LPTC vice chair, presented a plaque of appreciation to Jerry Herrmann, LPTC chair, for the tour of Nucor Steel–Berkeley during the 9th annual Long Products Rolling training seminar.