Past Events

Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 24–26 September 2019, Birmingham, Ala., USA
No. of Attendees: 52

The conference began with a keynote presentation by the conference’s lead organizer, David Johnson of Paragon Industries. He gave an interesting and informative overview of the steel industry and industries related to it, such as oil and gas and automobiles. He was able to help all the attendees think about how steel supports these other industries.

Mike Farabee, the tour host from American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO), accepted a plaque of appreciation from Frank Baumgardner, PTTC vice chair, David Johnson, PTTC chair, and Susan Conley, PTTC education chair (left to right): Baumgardner, Farabee, Johnson and Conley.
1. Presenters on the first day of the Pipe and Tube seminar included (left to right): Nico Goessens, SMS group GmbH; Steve Marzina, SMS group; Sasha Tupalo, Thermatool Corp.; David Johnson, Paragon Industries; Travis Zelfer, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.; and Simon Slater, ROSEN. 2. The presenters on day two of the seminar included (left to right): Susan Conley, Quaker Houghton; Umut Gercek, SMS group; Frank Baumgardner, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC; Larry Smith, SMS group; Martin Schilling and Michael Ege, FOERSTER Instruments Inc.; Michael Kosalko, Quaker Houghton; Jeffrey Rogozinksi, The Sherwin Williams Co.; and David Johnson. 3. The organizers of the Pipe and Tube seminar were (left to right): Susan Conley, David Johnson and Frank Baumgardner.

Paul Thurber of Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. gave an insightful safety presentation. He explained that there are many factors that are not drug and alcohol related that distract workers and add to the risk of injury. He also highlighted the importance of not only training workers for specific tasks but educating them on an entire process.
Travis Zelfer of Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC presented an overview of the entire steelmaking process, from the electric arc furnace through the ladle metallurgy furnace through the caster to the rolling mill.
Presentations from Nico Goessens of SMS group GmbH and Sasha Tupalo of Thermatool Corp. dealt with the production of welded pipe and high-frequency welding, respectively. Steve Marzina of SMS group GmbH described the various processes involved in piercing a billet into seamless pipe. Other presentations on the first day of the seminar discussed in-line inspection and how the relationships between the grain size and alloy content influence yield point and toughness.
The second day began with a presentation by Michael Ege of FOERSTER Instruments Inc., titled “EMAT Test System for Wall Thickness Measurement and Lamination Detection.” Ege explained the technology involved with using electrical fields to induce eddy currents that can be used to detect both the thickness of the metal and any defects present.

Larry Smith and Umut Gercek of SMS group explained specific maintenance needs for each equipment group, followed by Mike Kosalko of Quaker Houghton and Bob Little of Corrpro, who each gave presentations dealing with corrosion.
Jeffrey Rogozinski of The Sherwin-Williams Co. explained the different layers of proper coatings — a prevention layer, covered by a protection layer, with a preservation layer on top — in a presentation titled “Building Pipeline Coatings Performance … One Layer at a Time.”
Martin Schilling of FOERSTER Instruments Inc. discussed the technology behind electromagnetic inspection systems, while Matt Skinner of Baker Hughes, a GE Company demonstrated an app for non-destructive testing.
Matt Rutledge of Scan Systems wrapped up the presentations with a discussion on flux leakage