Past Events

Secondary Steelmaking Refractories — A Practical Training Seminar

Conference Details: 15–17 October 2019, San Antonio, Texas, USA
No. of Attendees: 84

Matt Foxell of CMC Steel Texas kicked off the training seminar with a safety discussion and overview of CMC Steel Texas.
Twenty-four different producer companies were represented in the audience. The attendees were from all over North America and included everyone from brick masons to refractory supervisors, ladle furnace operators, metallurgists, caster operators and the like.
Attendees gained valuable technical insight into the latest implementations in the areas of secondary metallurgy and refractories. Some of the takeaways from this conference were laser systems for refractory lining thickness monitoring presented by Sean Guy of Process Metrix LLC and burner and combustion system control fundamentals presented by Dale Smith of Honeywell Process Solutions. Along with new technology, this practical training seminar also focused on refractory requirements, refractory applications and operational practices from melting through casting.
A highlight of the course is always the panel discussion, which included Wayne Allen of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Columbus Division, Rob Doty of IMACRO Inc., Harriet Dutka of SANGRAF International, Helmut Oltmann from Nucor Steel–Berkeley and Frank Whitaker of Nucor-Yamato Steel Co. The group’s discussion of daily refractory problems, warning signs and things to look out for, as well as implementation of new technology, kept everyone engaged.
The seminar concluded with a tour of CMC Steel Texas covering the entire meltshop area. Finally, the Ladle & Secondary Refining Technology Committee would like to thank the sponsors, Connors Industrials Inc., Technos Inc. and Thermbond Refractory Solutions.

1. A panel discussion was held during the Secondary Steelmaking Refractories course (left to right): Frank Whitaker, Helmut Oltmann, Rob Doty, moderator Jimmy Barrett, Harriet Dutka and Wayne Allen. 2. Presenters in the course included (left to right): Darrell Sturgill, John Panconi, Josh Kaser, Ruth Engel and Carl Corbin. 3. Attendees toured CMC Steel Texas as part of the course.