Past Events

Specialty Alloy and Foundry — A Practical Training Seminar

1. Presenters on the first day of the Specialty Alloy and Foundry seminar included (left to right): John Middleton and Allen Chan, SAFTC education chair; (standing, left to right): Harriet Dutka, Charlie Fink, Dennis Rodal and Raymond Monroe. 2. A panel discussion was held on the second day of the seminar (seated, left to right): Mark Suer, Dennis Rodal and Charlie Fink; (standing, left to right): Allen Chan and John Middleton.

Conference Details: 18–21 March 2019, Harrisburg, Pa., USA
No. of Attendees: 54

Raymond  Monroe, executive vice president, Steel Founders’ Society of America, served as the keynote speaker,  addressing stainless and specialty steel markets and their various applications.
To open the seminar, the role of carbon; austenite structures compared to martensite structures; and oxidizing processes, mixtures and reduction processes were discussed.
Charlie Fink, Inductotherm Corp., detailed preventive maintenance measures for induction melting systems. Power supply monthly maintenance, melting furnace maintenance, along with daily and monthly schedules ensure a successful maintenance program in the meltshop.
Raymond Monroe covered induction melting practices, starting with safety procedures then discussing furnace charging, melting – deoxidizing – alloying, and finally tapping and pouring with the induction furnace process.
Harriet Dutka, SANGRAF International, presented “Electric Arc Furnace 101.” This introduction covered types of arc furnaces (AC vs. DC), showing that 70% of current EAFs in the U.S. are AC furnaces. The EAF process cycle was highlighted to explain scrap’s role, along with electrical and chemical influences in the melting process.
Dennis Rodal, ELG Haniel Metals Corp., then discussed scrap selection. Scrap segregation is critical to ensure steel quality.
Concluding the first day, Allen Chan, Praxair Inc., presented “Non-Induction Melting.” Heat sources with electrical or chemical influences were highlighted. Oxygen usage was detailed, along with various furnace types.
The second day of the seminar started with a presentation on steel refining by Allen Chan. Degassing, decarburization and desulfurization processes were discussed.
Diana David, Steel Founders’ Society of America, discussed solidification and casting in a foundry operation.
Mark Suer, AK Steel Research Center, presented “Casting of Specialty Steel Ingots.” Suer covered top pouring versus bottom pouring of ingots. Mold condition, equipment setup and teeming practice with mold fluxes were discussed.
The second day included a plant tour of Carpenter Technology Corp., followed by a roundtable discussion and reception. The panelists were Dennis Rodal, Mark Suer and Charlie Fink, with Allen Chan serving as moderator.

A tour of Carpenter Technology Corp. was given as part of the Specialty Alloy and Foundry seminar. Allen Chan, SAFTC education chair, presented Noah Henson, raw materials general manager, with a plaque of appreciation (left to right): Taylor Russo, Phil Juanzemis, Chan, Henson, Andy Pinskey and Noel Acosta.
Presenters on day two and three of the seminar included (front row, left to right): John Middleton, Diana David and Andy Pinskey; (back row, left to right): Andrew Elliott, Mark Suer, Herman Moggee, Allen Chan, Raymond Monroe and Charlie Fink.

The third day started with Drew Elliott, Consarc Corp., who discussed remelting ingots.  
Diana David’s presentation titled “The Elements” addressed the reason why certain elements are used in steelmaking to provide a necessary end-use application.
Herman Moggee discussed basic refractory concepts as a critical raw material in steelmaking. He noted refractory classifications used for particular melting processes along with wear mechanisms.
The final presentation was given by Andy Pinskey, who discussed specialty refractory shapes. Refractory castables versus brick usage was highlighted with investment casting practices.