Past Events

DRI & HBI: Logistics, Production and Utilization Seminar

Conference Details: 2–3 March 2021, Virtual Conference
No. of Attendees: 79

Zane Voss from CIX Inc. gave opening remarks on Tuesday, 2 March, and provided attendees with an overview of the program, which included 14 presentations covering raw materials and direct reduced iron (DRI) handling and shipping; technologies to produce DRI; and the use of DRI to produce steel in electric arc furnaces (EAFs), blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs).

Amongst others, Joseph Poveromo, RMI Global Consulting, provided a presentation titled “Introduction to DR Product Production and Use.” The presentation gave an overview of DRI and hot briquetted iron (HBI), coal-based and gas-based processes, and raw material usage. Furthermore, he gave a deep dive into different processes: SL/RN, Incotco, Circofer, MIDREX®, etc. Global DRI and HBI supply by country with imports and export was also discussed.

Renard Chaigneau, Baffinland, then presented “Pellets for Direct Reduction.” Chaigneau spoke about iron ore resources availability in the world. Iron ore resources are defined as an economical feasible amount. He then went on to talk about iron ore mining through drilling, blasting, loading and hauling. He noted the global pellet capacity, which is 550 million tons per year.

The seminar then took a closer look at direct reduction technology (non-gas-shaft-based), MIDREX DRI technology, ENERGIRON HYL, environmental issues, and dust recovery and reuse. The second day of the seminar covered bulk material
handling and shipping, safe in-plant handling and storage of DRI, and the usage of DRI at ArcelorMittal and Nucor. The seminar concluded with a presentation by Alisha Giglio from Hatch, titled “DRI’s Importance in the Future of Steelmaking.”