Past Events

There were 46 attendees at the in-person Environmental
Solutions: Water Management conference.

Environmental Solutions: Water Management

Conference Details: 9–11 November 2021, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
No. of Attendees: 46

The keynote presentation was a recording of the AISTech 2021 President’s Award Breakfast keynote presentation delivered by Lourenco Goncalves on 30 June 2021, in which he clearly stated Cleveland-Cliffs’ vision moving forward and how the industry will look in the very near future.
The in-person presentations started with explaining why clean water is so important and what water systems are required to make it clean, including the fundamentals of the chemistry and an overview of the systems used in the steel industry.
There was a segment devoted to help navigate the regulatory permitting process particularly related to direct and indirect discharge. Various resources available to help with energy assessments were identified. Common tools and opportunities for preparing the water balance calculation for a site were discussed to help in the understanding of how it is derived.
he attendees and AIST thank Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Southwest-Sinton Division for a very open and informative tour of their brand-new facility.

AIST’s Shannon Kiley (center) presented Jordan Muzzillo (left) and Tom Wilcox (right) with a plaque of appreciation for hosting a tour of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Southwest-Sinton Division for attendees of Environmental Solutions: Water Management.