Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry

Conference Details: 14–16 March 2022, Indianapolis, Ind., USA
No. of Attendees: 86

Antoine Dhennin of ArcelorMittal opened the conference as the keynote speaker on what a modern steel manufacturing facility using Industry 4.0 looks like. The day followed with several presentations explaining many of the technologies and tools available to bring existing operations toward Industry 4.0. The day wrapped up with a very informative panel discussion of producers offering insights about how they are progressing with their digital transformation journey as well as some of the challenges they face.
The second day began with a keynote presentation by Rob Oldroyd of Nucor Corp. stressing the importance of having talented and diverse teammates to make artificial intelligence and machine learning an integral part of day-to-day business. The day continued with presentations on technologies available and case studies demonstrating the successful applications of those technologies.The conference wrapped up with a panel discussion composed of technology suppliers who stressed the importance of building a partnership with producers to bring Industry 4.0 to reality.

1. The Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry included a producer panel discussion (left to right): Tyler Cambell, Rob Oldroyd, Antoine Dhennin and Marcelo Cardoso, with Jim Hendrickson serving as moderator. 2. The forum’s supplier panel included (left to right): Enrico Plazzogna, Dieter Stotski, Jaqueline Peintinger, David Kober and Crick Waters.