Accurate Strip Temperature Measurement for Continuous Annealing and Hot-Dip Coating Lines

Thursday, 18  February 2021 • 11:00 a.m.–Noon

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Strip temperature is perhaps the most critical parameter for the assurance of a quality product and optimal line productivity, and yet, due to the complexity of the process, it is one of the most challenging measurements to make accurately. This webinar will review the theory of infrared pyrometers and those issues that influence the accuracy of measurement for the continuous annealing line and for zinc-coated steel strip. Consideration will be given to the non-greybody emissivity variation of steel strip, the multi-reflective roller wedge measurement technique, and the direct view measurement technique with and without a cooled viewing tube. Included will be the special considerations associated with the measure of Generation 3 advanced high-strength steel alloys. Measurement points to be discussed include the welder, heating zone, soaking zone, cooling zone, snout, galvanneal furnace, APC cooling tower, temper mill, acrylic curing oven and passivation drying oven. Materials covered include cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, galvanneal, galvanize, galvalume, aluminize and ZAM.


Thomas Larrick, Director of Technology, Williamson Corp.
Considered a leading expert in the field of infrared pyrometers, Thomas Larrick has been with Williamson Corp. for 33 years, and currently serves as director of technology. Larrick has extensive experience supporting the steel industry. Prior to joining Williamson, he was a design engineer for General Electric, Aerospace Division. He has a BSME degree from Tufts University.


AIST’s Galvanizing Technology Committee