Day 1 – Crane Wheel & Under Hook Design

Tuesday, 29 September 2020• 1 p.m.–3 p.m. EDT


The Making, Shaping And Treating Of Crane Wheels

Mark Mcginley, Hall Industries Inc.

This presentation describes the material selection, production processes, heat treating practices, and inspection procedures commonly used in the production of crane wheels and wire rope sheaves.

Flat-Tread vs. Tapered-Tread Wheels Revisited

Rich Warriner, Virginia Crane-Foley Material Handling Co. Inc.

A condensed comparison of two previous presentations by proponents of both designs. This presentation is designed to provide attendees with information to determine which design is best for their application.

Mill Roll Handling – Challenges, Equipment and Safety Considerations

James Annab, Bradley Lifting

This presentation will explore the challenges associated with mill roll handling, including efficiency and considerations for facilities with a large variety of roll configurations. It will also cover some of the equipment options available to handle the variety of different roll and chock configurations, as well as best practices for determining a solution that fits the end user’s process. Finally, it will cover some of the guidelines of safe mill roll handling, and the role that “hands off” handling plays in ensuring safety for personnel.


Tom Berringer, Gantrex Inc.



AIST’s Crane's Technology Committees.