Digitalization Through Smart Robotics, Machine Vision and Advanced Automation

Wednesday, 15 July • 10–11 a.m. EDT
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Gianluca Maccani; BMGroupUSA


This presentation provides an outlook on the currently available technologies that combine smart robotics, machine vision, artificial neural networks and advanced industrial automation to achieve plant digitalization that improves operator safety, traceability, quality and productivity all over the mill.


Gianluca Maccani
Gianluca Maccani is an expert passionate about robotics, digitalization and production processes for heavy industry. He has an incessant curiosity and desire to discover new ways to integrate robotics solutions, machine vision and artificial intelligence to reduce the operator's exposure to the dangerous manual tasks in the steel industry. Starting 20 years ago as a software developer for automation and robotics, he is now chief executive officer of Polytec USA, a firm that promotes new technologies and robotics in the American steel industry. He is involved in spreading the culture of robotics in the steel industry with technical meetings, presentations and participation in panels focused on the steel industry.


AIST’s Electrical Applications/Sensors Subcommittee and Digitalization Applications Technology Committees.