Impact of Lip Adjustment on Wiping Efficiency

29 April 2021 • 11 a.m.–Noon

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The impact of the lip shape and adjustment is addressed by 2D computational fluid dynamics modeling. The effect on the coating weight and the nitrogen dilution by ambiance is also studied. It is shown that the shape of the tip has a significant effect of the behavior of the air jet in atmosphere. Similarly, the quality of the channel (convergent, divergent or parallel) impacts both the coating weight and the dilution of nitrogen. This means that the quality of the maintenance in an industrial line is as important as the initial design in order to ensure efficient wiping.


Michel DuBois, CMI Industry  
Michel DuBois received a master’s degree in metallurgy from Liege University Belgium in 1977. He has been in charge all types of process and product expertise for the CMI customers. This includes, for example, process and metallurgical trainings, process expertise for new projects, and technical audits of existing lines to improve quality and/or productivity. He worked on the hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) process for 30 years at ArcelorMittal. He joined CMI, now John Cockerill, in 2007 as an expert in hot dip coating. He has published numerous papers dealing with the various aspects of the HDG process, including pot management, pot hardware, wiping, strip vibration, etc. He is now retired from John Cockerill but is still working as a consultant.


Organized by: AIST’s Galvanizing Technology Committee