Machine-Specific Steel Mill Hydraulics

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 • 12 p.m. EDT
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Brad Jensen; Alloy Technology Solutions

Brad Jensen is the past founder and patent holder of IntelliSchematic.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in industrial training and troubleshooting in motion controls. He is a certified fluid power specialist by the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) and served for a number of years on the IFPS board of directors. His industrial troubleshooting experience comes primarily from the steel manufacturing industry, where he works today as a technology consultant for Alloy Technology Solutions. Jensen has a bachelor of technology degree in automotive.


In the past two decades, hydraulic usage has grown with mill modernization and has become more complicated in its applications and componentry. This presentation is the first in a series of webinars on hydraulic power transmission applications in steel mill manufacturing.
This webinar will focus on understanding the various circuits and component applications in a recently commissioned downcoiler. It will aim to close six common gaps in understanding hydraulic applications — relating the circuits to the machine events, reading the schematic, component application, component function, control logic, and fluid usage and conditioning requirements.




AIST’s Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committees.