Performance‐Based Contract Solutions for Reheat Furnaces

Thursday, 28 January 2021 • 11 a.m. – Noon

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Fives provides a five‐step performance‐based contract to reheat furnace owners who want to increase profitability and efficiency of furnace operations. The presentation will outline an efficient action plan, with illustrated case studies based on experience, technical solutions and digital solutions in order to achieve savings and to improve operational expenditures. This includes reduced fuel consumption, scale reduction, increased throughput, quality improvements and emission reduction. Performance‐based contracts allow steelmakers to share savings based on performance evaluations after each step, with limited capital expenditure required from the end user.


William Lucas, Technical Sales Engineer, Fives ST
Mathieu Herbert, Service Engineer, Fives ST
Thierry Robin, Sales Manager Process Control Software, Fives ST
Brenda Chan, Research & Development Engineer, Fives ST

William Lucas, Technical Sales Engineer
William Lucas has a mechanical engineering degree from Kent State University. He has 37 years’ experience in the design and development of industrial furnaces. He started his career with the Electric Furnace Co., serving as draftsman, application engineer, project manager and project engineer, and then as engineering manager for the Canadian subsidiary. Then he joined Ebner Furnace Co., supporting their continuous furnace development for advanced high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steel. Lucas has been with Fives ST for more than 2 years supporting the Fives Steel division, focusing on thermal processing equipment.
Mathieu Herbert, Service Engineer
Mathieu Herbert holds a master’s degree in engineering from Polytech Lille. He has been with Fives Stein for 13 years. He started as a commissioning site manager for new reheat furnaces, continuous annealing and continuous galvanizing lines. He is now working as a service engineer. Herbert visits customer all other the world to help them improve profitability of their existing furnace with process audits, revamp opportunities, providing operational expertise and by obtaining immediate improvements.
Thierry Robin, Sales Manager Process Control Software
Thierry Robin holds a doctorate in physics and material chemistry. He has been with Fives Stein for 15 years, initially as a furnace level 2 engineer. He has been involved in the design and commissioning of process control and in digital solutions globally. He currently serves as the sales manager for process control software and digital solutions. Thierry has published several articles in the area of ceramics for nuclear waste confinement, for a new generation of fuel cells and various articles addressing Fives Stein digital solutions.

Brenda Chan, Research & Development Engineer
Brenda Chan holds a master of advanced studies in thermal regulation with the University of Paris and with the Paris Mining School. She has been with Fives Stein for 14 years serving as a research and development engineer. She has led R&D projects addressing energy efficiency improvements for reheating furnaces and is managing the development of oxide scale growth control, holding two patents. Chan has been responsible for the design and sizing of several reheating furnaces. In addition to new reheat furnace installations, she has provided various energy and process audits globally.


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