AIST Foundation Donations and Gifts FAQ

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the Foundation’s annual program developed to provide a way for AIST members, the industry and other friends of the Foundation to help strengthen the Foundation’s programming through unrestricted contributions.  When combined with endowment revenue, this support helps to sustain the day-to-day operations and programming.

What is the Duration of the Annual Fund Each Year?

The Annual Fund year begins on 1 Jul and ends 30 Jun.

Who participates?

Participants include AIST members, steel producers, industry suppliers and friends of the Foundation.  The Foundation depends on large corporate gifts to increase the Annual Fund.  It is, however, equally reliant on individuals, including AIST members, who loyally support the Foundation with smaller gifts.

What are matching gifts?

A matching gifts program is a corporate-sponsored benefit offered by many companies that may double or even triple your gift to the Foundation. A matching gift form must be obtained from your employer (usually from the human resources office) and then mailed with your contribution to the Foundation. The form is completed by the Foundation and returned to the company, and a check is then mailed to the Foundation in the amount of your gift or more, thus “matching” your gift.

How much should I give?

Give an amount with which you feel comfortable.  The following list identifies corporate donors that have extended multi-year pledges or have contributed to the Foundation’s annual fund.  This listing will also appear in AIST’s Iron & Steel Technology throughout the year in regular Foundation updates.

Stock Donations

The AIST Foundation welcomes stock donations. A donation of stocks you have owned for more than one year — and have appreciated in value — may save you capital gains tax while providing you an income tax deduction. This may be a tax-wise approach to support the AIST Foundation. If you are interested in donating securities please contact Mark Didiano, AIST General Manager — Administration, for details: +1.724.814.3050.