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3rd Annual Australian and New Zealand Steel Symposium

3 November 2021 • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. AEDT • Virtual Event

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The symposium will bring together both academic researchers and engineers together to discuss recent advances in iron and steelmaking technology. Leading researchers and practitioners will make presentations on recent advances in the field.


20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions


AIST Members:          Free
Non-members:            US$50
Students attend for free! Register via AIST Steel to Students


Chair:                          Andrea Fontana, Technical Superintendent, InfraBuild Steel
Vice Chair:                  Geoffrey Brooks, Professor, Swinburne University of Technology
Secretary-Treasurer:  Leonard Woods, Port and Technical Marketing Manager, Taharoa Ironsands Limited


9 A.M. AEDT 

Welcome and Introduction by chapter chair 
Andrea Fontana, Technical Superintendent, InfraBuild Steel 

Chair: Geoffrey Brooks, Professor, Swinburne University of Technology 

9:10 A.M. AEDT

Challenges and Opportunities for Steel Scrap Utilization in the UK
Zushu Li, Reader and EPSRC Fellow in Manufacturing, Advanced Steel Research Centre, University of Warwick 

9:40 A.M. AEDT 

Charge Optimization for Residual Control in the EAF
Sara Hornby, President, Global Strategic Solutions

10:10 A.M. AEDT 

How Do Lime Magnetite Pellets (LMPs) Fit Into Lower-Carbon-Footprint Ironmaking? 
Suneeti Purohit, Research Scientist, CSIRO 

10:35 A.M. AEDT 

Recent Work of Hydrogen Injection Processes in Ironmaking Blast Furnaces

Yansong Shen, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales  

11 A.M. AEDT 

Coffee Break 

Chair: Leonard Riley, Taharoa Ironsands 

11:10 A.M. AEDT

Pelletization and Sintering of New Zealand Titanomagnetite Ironsand
Shaira Mendoza, Master of Engineering Student, Robinson Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington  

11:35 A.M. AEDT

Reduction of New Zealand Titanomagnetite Pellets in Hydrogen 
Ao Zhang, Research Fellow, Robinson Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington 


Hydrogen Reduction of New Zealand Ironsand Using a Laboratory-Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor at Up to 1,000°C
Sigit Prabowo, Research Fellow, Robinson Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington 

12:25 P.M. AEDT 

What Is a Good Sinter?Isis Ignacio, Ph.D. Student, Swinburne University of Technology 

12:50 P.M. AEDT

Analyses of Pressure Drop in High-Temperature Zone During Iron Ore Sintering
Tejbir Singh, Ph.D. Researcher, University of Newcastle 

1:15 P.M. AEDT


Session Three 
Chair: Andrea Fontana, Technical Superintendent, Infrabuild Steel 

1:30 P.M. AEDT 

Slag Modification to Improve Spring Steel Quality
Israel Murgas, Steelmaking Technical Specialist, Liberty OneSteel, Whyalla Steelworks 

1:55 P.M. AEDT

Overall Heat Analyses in Oxygen Steelmaking
Nirmal Madhavan, Research Scholar, Swinburne University of Technology  

2:20 P.M. AEDT 

Numerical Modeling of Slag Splashing in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Furnace
Raju Chowdhury, PhD Student, University of Newcastle 

2:45 P.M. AEDT 

Acoustic Monitoring of Steelmaking Ladles
Rohini Kadam, Ph.D. Student, Swinburne University of Technology  

Session Four 
Chair: Brian Monaghan, Professor, University of Wollongong              

3:10 P.M. AEDT

A Historical of TEMCO/LBB Production at Bell Bay
Samir Ganguly, Pyrometallurgical Consultant, Hatch 

3:35 P.M. AEDT

Implementation of Thermal Taper and Static Soft Reductions at the Whyalla Combi Caster
Jari Peltonen, Process Improvement and Product Assurance Specialist, Liberty OneSteel, Whyalla Steelworks  


Effect of Silicon on Continuous Cooling Transformation Characteristics in High-Carbon Steel
Zeinab Babasafari, Consultant Engineer, University of Wollongong 

4:25 P.M. AEDT 

Study of Different Stage of MnS Precipitation in High-Carbon Steel
Suk-Chun Moon, Researcher, University of Wollongong  

4:50 P.M. AEDT

Final Thoughts by Len Woods, Port and Technical Marketing Manager, Taharoa Ironsands Ltd. 

Please contact Jill Liberto, +1.724,814.3046.

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