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Past European Member Chapter Events

Executive Committee Meeting — 9 November 2017
In recognition of their shared interests to advance technical knowledge for steel manufacturing, AIST members in Europe recently established the European Member Chapter. Its executive committee met on 9 November 2017 to establish the chapter’s formal objective and 2018 plan. Cooperation and transparency will be the key values that guide the chapter’s actions and activities, with the primary objective to connect participants in this industry through a variety of networking opportunities. Everyone can benefit from a new approach that leverages innovation and discourse, and the chapter will be diligent in its efforts to connect members and create programming that will be mutually beneficial.
Although the industry is on the mend following the commodities collapse of 2015, a number of geopolitical challenges are creating an uncertain steel manufacturing climate, including Brexit, European and U.S. trade policy, and increasing imports from Asian markets. Additionally, the European Union’s reforms to its Emissions Trading Scheme have added another variable to present circumstances. With shared challenges such as environmental conservation, employee safety and global manufacturing trends, there is certainly a need for the steel industry to drive innovation, which in turn will drive competition.
As an industry, it is imperative that we work effectively to address major technical issues common to all. To foster networking, and to promote the dissemination of practical knowledge and professional development, AIST will organize an annual European Steel Forum. The forum will include technical and economic presentations, a panel discussion offering leadership perspectives for the steel industry, a networking reception and dinner and related plant tours. The forum will be organized in collaboration with a host company to build an agenda that is mutually beneficial, with unique marketing and promotional opportunities achieved through the joint participation of senior industry executives from North America and Europe.
The AIST European Member Chapter is dedicated to providing a high-value, low-cost proposition for all AIST members in Europe. If you or others from your company would like to engage with the chapter, or if your company has interest in hosting a future AIST European Steel Forum, please contact Stacy Varmecky,
svarmecky@aist.org. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about the chapter and its objectives, both immediate and future.

The European Member Chapter’s executive committee and guests met on 9 November 2017 (left to right): Alessandra Spaghetti, Sandvik Italia S.p.A.; Stacy Varmecky, AIST general manager — membership and marketing; Georgios Vassiliadis, Sandvik Materials Technology Deutschland GmbH, Sandvik Italia S.p.A.; Michael Strelbisky, Tallman Bronze Co.; Brian Bliss, AIST general manager — programs and publications; Frank Ahrenhold, Tata Steel International (Germany) GmbH; Mauro Bianchi Ferri, European Member Chapter chair, Acciarium S.r.l.; Jürgen Cappel, Cappel Stahl Consulting GmbH; Jernej Pretnar, European Member Chapter secretary, Quaker Chemical; and Ronald Ashburn, AIST executive director.