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Globe-Trotters Member Chapter Annual Meeting

7–10 September 2019Hilton Milwaukee City Center • Milwaukee, WI, USA


Tour of Charter Steel - Saukville, Wisconsin


Golf Course: Brown Deer Park Golf Course

About the Meeting

The Globe-Trotters Member Chapter annual meeting is unique in that it has more than 50 years of history behind it. To kick off the meeting, the producers-only roundtable discussion is perhaps the most valuable portion of the event. Here, producers are separated into meltshop and rolling mill groups, and various topics are discussed, from safety to quality and production. After lunch, the suppliers are invited to join the group for a question-and-answer session followed by an open discussion. On Monday, attendees will have the opportunity to tour Charter Steel – Saukville, followed by the golf outing (separate registration is required). The technical exchange continues on Tuesday morning with presentations from producer members. This is the perfect opportunity to hear about the latest projects and updates on what is happening inside steel mills. The meeting concludes Tuesday evening with a fellowship dinner, which will include recognition of the chapter’s scholarship winners, best papers of the day and a keynote speaker.

Who Should Attend

Meltshop personnel who would benefit from attending the meeting include: leads, operators, metallurgist/process engineers, maintenance personnel, refractory personnel, safety personnel, supervisors and managers.

Rolling mill personnel who would benefit from attending include: operators, rollers, supervisors, maintenance personnel, finishing personnel and safety specialists. Equipment manufacturers and service supplier from either of these areas would also benefit from this course.

Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) Program

AIST recently launched the Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) program to encourage our members to help boost the next generation’s involvement in AIST and the steel industry. If you are an AIST member and are bringing a Young Professional (age 30 and under) to the conference, you can receive a free gift. All you have to do is enter their contact information on the registration form when you sign up for the conference. Find out more information about the program here

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