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CONAC 2021

8 November–10 November 2021 • Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

The health and safety of our industry is a shared responsibility and one that we take seriously. AIST is actively monitoring the COVID crisis as it may necessitate the shift from an in person to a virtual platform for some events. Any updates will be reflected on the individual event pages and communicated directly to registrants. Please contact us memberservices@aist.org for additional information or questions.

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The Congress and National Exhibition of the Steel Industry (CONAC) was created with the aim of providing a national forum in which suppliers, manufacturers, users and academics could exchange their experiences and technical information, promoting training of middle managers in the steel industry and also bolstering the interest of college students in the industry. CONAC is held every two years, drawing international participation.


The AIST Mexico Member Chapter is pleased to invite you to attend the exhibition steel industry to be held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Steel is an emblem of Monterrey. In the late 19th century, local and foreign entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to turn the city into a powerhouse in domestic steel production.

The CONAC exhibition provides suppliers an opportunity to showcase their new products and services, and establish business contacts with steel manufacturers.


Papers of a technical nature are presented, which focus on areas for improvement and optimization, the stages of steelmaking, new designs in tooling, etc. Papers from academia and manufacturing companies are included.

More Information

For more information, contact: AIST Mexico Member Chapter at or +52.81.8479.3077