AIST Road Show Testimonials

"Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa was extremely honored to host the AIST Road Show. It gave many of our team members the opportunity to find out more about what AIST is all about and what it has to offer. It also gave three of our important partners — Spraying Systems, The Systems Group and Danieli — a chance to speak directly to many of our operators and maintenance team members. Knowledge and relationships are such important aspects of our business and AIST can help cultivate both. I have been a member of AIST for many years now. The knowledge that I have gained and the relationships that I have developed in our industry thanks to my involvement in the AIST help me to do a better job for Nucor.”
~ Randy Skagen, vice president & general manager, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa, Inc., AIST Road Show Host

“The AIST Road Show has allowed our employees to see firsthand what AIST is about. AIST is about getting to network with other people, realizing what the industry has to offer and seeing what the newest technologies are that our employees could benefit from. Today we’ve had over 300 employees go through the Road Show and I feel it’s been a great success for our company and AIST as well.”
~ Robbie Woods, senior fire and safety engineer for CSI, AIST Road Show Host
“One benefit of hosting the AIST Road Show is you can reach a lot of people at one time and talk to them about AIST as a whole. It’s a great way to increase participation in the San Francisco Member Chapter.”
~ Adam Krey, manager of purchasing, USS Posco, AIST Road Show Host

“The AIST Road Show exposed our employees to the training opportunities and networking resources available through AIST. We had great attendance at the show, and the AIST crew did a wonderful job communicating the available resources to our employees. Overall, the experience was great for our division, and we would recommend visiting or scheduling an AIST Road Show for the benefit of your employees.”
~ Dan Keown, operations manager, SDI – Engineered Bar Products Division, AIST Road Show Host

"It was great to have the AIST Road Show here today. Our teammates had a great time learning about AIST. My relationship with AIST through the technology committees has been fantastic for building relationships and expanding my knowledgebase. Today was a great day with the Road Show."
~ Butch Collins, safety director, Nucor Steel Gallatin, AIST Road Show Host

"It's been truly a unique experience. I haven't experienced anything like it before. We basically get to see everybody in the plant within a short period of time. It's a relaxed atmosphere, you get to speak to people on a one to one basis and it's really enjoyable.  I've heard nothing but positive comments from my customers. We really appreciate it. It's a great thing."
~ Pat Gilmore, key account manager, Danieli Corporation, AIST Road Show Sponsor

"Today we almost met with the whole plant. Each person came in here, took extra time to look and see what we had to offer."
~ Mike Cash, Spraying Systems Co., AIST Road Show Sponsor

"I think there are multiple benefits, primarily the ability to interact with multiple levels within the steel mill. We are seeing people from maintenance, operations, management and upper management.  We were able to share some of the updates that we offer to the steel industry."
~ Nick Zsamboky, technical sales and service, Systems Spray Cooled, AIST Road Show Sponsor