AIST Young Professionals Membership Committee Subcommittees

1. Engagement Subcommittee

  • Purpose: To support the active involvement of young professionals in AIST.

2. Programming Subcommittee

  • Purpose: To plan and organize networking and education programs established to support young professionals’ development.

3. Student Outreach Subcommittee

  • Purpose: To support and educate the next generation of the steel industry.

3. Awards Subcommittee

  • Purpose: To help recognize the notable achievements of young professionals in the steel industry.

Engagement Subcommittee Chair:
Takshi Sachdeva
Programming Subcommittee Chair:
Kelsey Ferro
Opta Group LLC
Student Outreach Subcommittee Chair:
Tyler Rigby
Nucor Steel-Berkeley
Awards Subcommittee Chair:
Britt MacKinnon