Best Practices Guide for Iron & Steel Industry Young Professionals


The Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) hosts a Young Professionals’ Roundtable at AISTech every year. The goal of the session is to provide Young Professional conference and exposition registrants a platform to connect and network with one another. At AISTech 2021, the theme for the breakout discussion was “Transition and Growth — Navigating Your Way With AIST.” Young Professional attendees discussed the support they need to triumph through change and establish the foundation for successful careers.

Attendees were asked to reflect on a specific point within the early stages of their career, brainstorm resources that would have better supported them through that time and capture tactics they used to progress during that period.

From this group discussion came unique insights and important lessons learned from Young Professionals in the early stages of their iron and steel careers. It was a collective group of individuals passing along real-time advice to those who will come after them — the Young Professionals of tomorrow.


AIST believes these Young Professionals’ advice will help future iron and steel industry newcomers anticipate speedbumps early on in their career before they even see them coming. The hope is that the Best Practices Guide will shed light on how Young Professionals can become better employees, colleagues and team members, and it will support the goal of a long and prosperous iron and steel career.

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