Bring Your Own Young Professional

AIST’s Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) program rewards our Members for helping build a sustainable steel industry at the most important level:  the next generation.  Getting Young Professionals involved in AIST, and the greater steel industry, provides opportunity and benefits for all involved.

The BYOYP program originated at a brainstorming session during the 2015 AIST Leadership Conference in Charleston, SC. AIST is excited about introducing the program and the benefits it provides to our Members.

How it Works

When you register for an AIST conference, Technology Committee meeting or Member Chapter meeting, fill in the required information about the Young Professional you are bringing to the meeting. AIST will confirm that the YP attended the conference or meeting. Following the meeting, AIST will reach out to you with an order form to select an item from our BYOYP gifts page. Once we have your order, we’ll ship your item to you at no charge.

For AIST conferences and Technology Committee meetings, this space for the YP information will be on the online registration form. For local Member Chapter meetings, you will provide the information directly to the chapter.

At present time, the BYOYP program is only available for AIST Members residing in North America.
Please note: the program applies to AIST technology training conferences, AIST technology committee meetings and AIST member chapter meetings. It does not apply to AISTech or the Material Science and Technology (MS&T) conference. Unless otherwise noted, the BYOYP program does not provide a discounted registration fee for these events.