BYOYP Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a discount if I bring a Young Professional to a conference or meeting?
The BYOYP program does not provide a discounted registration fee for these events.

Is there a discounted registration fee for Young Professionals?
Unless otherwise noted, the BYOYP program does not provide a discounted Young Professional registration fee for these events.

Does the YP have to also be an AIST member?
No. If they are not a member, AIST will contact them to activate their free year of AIST membership, sponsored by the AIST Foundation. Details on this program can be found here.

How many YPs can I bring to a meeting?
There is no limit on YPs attending a conference or meeting. However, the AIST member gets one gift per event. For example, if you brought three YPs to a technology training conference, you would be able to choose one (1) item from the gift catalog.

Are there limitations to the BYOYP program?
At this time, the program is only available for AIST member s who reside in North America. It only applies to AIST Technology Training Conferences, Technology Committee and Member Chapter meetings. It does not apply to AISTech or Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) or other meetings and conferences unless noted.

When will my gift ship?
The item will ship within five (5) business days after AIST has received your order. Some items or sizes may require additional time to prepare. If this is the case, you will be notified by AIST.