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Energy use and conservation, the environment and sustainability as it relates to the steel industry.

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Mittal Calls for Green Tax on Steel Imported Into Europe

11 Dec 2018 - ArcelorMittal executives on Tuesday said Europe ought to tax imported steel under the terms of its Emissions Trading System as a way to prod foreign producers into reducing emissions and maintain a level playing field for domestic producers. 

Here's China's Next Big Pollution Battle: Slag Piles

11 Dec 2018 - China has been trying to crack down on air pollution generated by its steel industry. Now, it’s targeting another type of pollution created by the mills – the thousands of slag piles that dot the country. 

ArcelorMittal Plant Turns Old Stoves to Steel Bike Racks

05 Dec 2018 - ArcelorMittal Poland’s Kraków plant is participating in a local civic program intended to promote cycling and cleaner air. 

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