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Steel Countries Reach Initial Agreement on Excess Capacity

01 Dec 2017 - Roughly three dozen nations have agreed to a set of principles addressing the world’s excess steel capacity, but some industry representatives say more action is needed to solve the problem.   

Steel Summit on Overcapacity Opens Thursday

29 Nov 2017 - Representatives of the Group of 20 countries, along with those from certain others, are to begin a new round of talks Thursday over the world’s excess steelmaking capacity -- and America’s potential response to the problem. 

China's Steel Capacity Forecast to Fall Below 1 Billion Tons

08 Nov 2017 - China’s government-mandated production curtailments are forecast to reduce hot metal production by 41 million net metric tons and coke demand by 18 million net metric tons, according to an estimate from commodities consultancy CRU.

Chinese Province Cuts Steel, Coal Capacity

03 Nov 2017 - The Hebei province in China has cut 46.2 million metric tons of iron and steel capacity and 10.5 million metric tons of coal capacity, meeting its mandated reduction target, according to Xinhua, China’s state news agency.

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