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EU Imposes Duties on Steel From China, Taiwan

28 Aug 2015 - The European Union officially has slapped a 25.3 percent anti-dumping duty on Chinese stainless steel cold rolled flat products, Eurofer, The European Steel Association, has announced.

South Africa Introduces Tariff on Imported Steel, But With Conditions

28 Aug 2015 - South Africa's trade and industry minister has approved a 10-percent protective tariff on certain steel products, looking to shield domestic steelmakers from Chinese imports.

With Import Protections In The Offing, SAIL Considers Price Hike

26 Aug 2015 - Anticipating the imposition of a 10 percent protective duty on steel imports, Steel Authority of India Ltd. may raise prices early next month, according to Bloomberg TV India.

Tata Steel Halting Production at U.K. Strip Mill; 250 Jobs To Be Lost

26 Aug 2015 - Tata Steel's U.K. strip steel division is idling parts of a Welsh mill, blaming a surge of unfairly traded imports.

South Africa Expected To Impose Steel Tariffs

25 Aug 2015 - Heeding calls from labor groups and its steel industry, South Africa is planning to impose a 10-percent tariff on steel imports, according to Reuters.

China Moves Forward On Second Round Of Construction on Steel Works

25 Aug 2015 - In spite of lower demand and ample supply, China has begun the second phase of construction on a large, coastal mill in northern Hebei province, according to Reuters.

Cliffs Natural Resources CEO: China Steel Exports Reach 'Crazy' Levels

20 Aug 2015 - Chinese-made steel exports are likely to surge to more than 100 million metric tons this year, Cliffs Natural Resources CEO Lourenco Goncalves told BloombergBusiness.

Institute: Recent Trade Cases Could Have Broader Impacts on U.S. Economy

17 Aug 2015 - The American Institute for International Steel is weighing in with a few thoughts regarding the spate of trade cased filed by U.S. producers, saying the cases come with a few pitfalls that merit consideration.

Devalued Yuan Leads China Steel Producers To Cut Prices

14 Aug 2015 - With China having devalued its currency earlier this week, steelmakers there are already moving to reduce export prices, according to a Reuters report.

U.S. Producers Seeking Trade Measures Against Hot Rolled Steel Imports

12 Aug 2015 - Six U.S. steelmakers have filed petitions for trade action against imports of hot rolled flat products, the producers have announced.

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