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Analysts Expect Chinese Steel Exports to Plateau by 2020

05 Oct 2015 - JPMorgan analysts said they believe Chinese-made steel exports will be leveling off, capped by a wave of protectionist trade measures, reports BloombergBusiness.

Update: Mexico Imposing Additional Trade Protections for Domestic Steelmakers

30 Sep 2015 - Mexico is increasing duties on a variety of steel products, hoping to shield domestic producers from inexpensive imports from China and other countries.

U.S. Trade Commission Pursues Cold Rolled Import Investigation

25 Sep 2015 - Producers from seven countries appear to be selling hot rolled coil at less than market value, undercutting American producers, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled.

Indian Steel Ministry Asks Producers to Consider Iranian Investments

22 Sep 2015 - India’s steel ministry has asked domestic producers to consider making capital investments in Iran, which is extending its rail network and expanding ports and highways, according to The Indian Express newspaper.

Report: EU To Set Minimum Price On GOES Imports

21 Sep 2015 - The European Union is preparing to set a minimum price on imports of a specialized steel from five countries, including the United States, according to Reuters.

Institute: American Steel Exports Down in July

18 Sep 2015 - American-made steel exports fell by 8.1 percent in July, ending two straight months of increases, according to the American Institute for International Steel.

Malaysia Launches Investigation Into Imported Hot Rolled Coils

17 Sep 2015 - Malaysia has opened a safeguard investigation into imported hot rolled coils, the country’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry has announced.

China Records August Increase in Crude Steel Output

14 Sep 2015 - Despite government-mandated mill shutdowns, China’s crude steel production grew in August, rising 1.7 percent from the previous month, reports BloombergBusiness.

AK Steel: U.S. ITC Decision an “Important First Step” in Cold Rolled Trade Case

11 Sep 2015 - AK Steel Corp. said it applauds the U.S. International Trade Commission for agreeing to pursue an investigation into cold-rolled steel imports.

U.S. Trade Commission Proceeding With Import Investigation Into Cold Rolled Flat Products

10 Sep 2015 - The U.S. International Trade Commission has agreed to proceed with a trade investigation into cold rolled flat products from seven countries, including China, concluding that there is a reasonable indication of harm to domestic producers.

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