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Commerce Department Clears the Way for Anti-Dumping Duties on Cold Rolled Steel

22 Jul 2016 - The U.S. Commerce Department has set final anti-dumping margins of between 1 percent and 35.4 percent on cold rolled steel from five countries – Brazil, Korea, Russia, India and the United Kingdom.

U.S. Commerce Department Affirms Structural Tubing Duties

19 Jul 2016 - The U.S. Commerce Department has signed off on anti-dumping duties on carbon structural tubing from three countries.

China Makes a Record Amount of Steel in June

15 Jul 2016 - Chinese steel mills produced crude steel at a rate of 2.32 million metric tons per day in June, making the month the busiest ever -- on a daily basis -- for the country’s steelmakers, reports the Bloomberg news service.

NAFTA Panel Mostly Rejects Mexican Challenge to U.S. Duty Order on Rebar

14 Jul 2016 - A North American Free Trade Agreement review panel has generally upheld a finding that U.S. producers had been harmed by unfairly traded Mexican rebar exports.

'We Must Fulfill the Plan to Cut Overcapacity of Steel,' Says China Economic Planner

14 Jul 2016 - Chinese officials reaffirmed the country's intentions to cut coal and steel production on Thursday as the American Iron & Steel Institute urged the U.S. government to vigorously enforce its trade laws.

China, U.S. Accuse Each Other of Violating WTO Commitments

13 Jul 2016 - China says it will fight a preliminary duty order on stainless sheet and strip, contending that the U.S. Commerce Department deliberately misinterpreted WTO rules, reports Xinhua, China’s official news agency.

U.S. Imposes Countervailing Duties on Stainless Sheet; Lifts Some Duties on Stainless Wire Rod

12 Jul 2016 - Chinese producers of stainless sheet and strip have been unfairly benefiting from government subsidies, the U.S. Commerce Department has ruled.

China Says It Might Challenge U.S. Import Duties

28 Jun 2016 - China’s commerce ministry, which has said America’s imposition of import duties on certain steel products is protectionist, now says it might sue the country through the World Trade Organization, according to the Reuters news service.

U.S. Trade Commission Upholds Duties on Corrosion-Resistant Steel

27 Jun 2016 - The U.S. International Trade Commission has affirmed that domestic producers are being harmed by imports of corrosion-resistant steel from five countries, including China.

China Calls U.S. Cold Rolled Duties 'Protectionist'

23 Jun 2016 - China is taking the United States to task after American trade officials affirmed anti-dumping and countervailing duties of more than 500 percent on Chinese cold rolled producers.

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