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EU Seeks to Join China on Complaint Over Steel Tariffs

23 Apr 2018 - The European Union has asked to join China in its dispute over the U.S. decision to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel, the Reuters news service reports. 

EU: Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Imperil Economic Growth

18 Apr 2018 - President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum are endangering global economic growth, European Union trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said Wednesday.  

EU Disputes Underlying Assertion in US Steel Tariffs

16 Apr 2018 - The European Union has joined China in challenging U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel. 

China Challenges Section 232 Tariffs

10 Apr 2018 - China has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over U.S. President Donald Trump’s 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% tariff on imported aluminum. 

In Vietnam, Is Coating Chinese Steel Transshipping, or Good Business?

10 Apr 2018 - Among the U.S. steel industry’s trade-related grievances has been the practice of transshipping – exporting goods via a secondary country to disguise their origin. 

Japan Bets on Winning Product Exclusions to U.S. Steel Tariffs

05 Apr 2018 - While certain U.S. allies negotiate potential countrywide exemptions to President Trump’s Section 232 steel tariffs, Japan is taking a different tack, reports the (London) Financial Times. 

Section 232 Decision Prompts Canada to Shore Up Import Defenses

28 Mar 2018 - Canada is instituting new regulatory measures intended to thwart transshipping of steel through the country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office has announced. 

Steel Tariffs Prompt EU to Launch Safeguard Investigation

27 Mar 2018 - Fearing that President Trump’s Section 232 steel tariffs will create a surge of diverted imports, the European Commission has opened a safeguard investigation on 26 products.  

South Korea Secures Permanent Exemption to U.S. Steel Tariff

26 Mar 2018 - U.S. officials have agreed to exempt South Korea from the Section 232 tariffs in exchange for limits on the amount of steel it exports to the U.S.  

Trump Administration Opens Tariff Exemption Talks

21 Mar 2018 - The Trump administration is discussing potential country-level exemptions to the steel and aluminum tariffs with the European Union, Australia, Argentina and, soon, Brazil, reports the Bloomberg news service.

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