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Doubts Arise Over China’s Latest Steel Production Numbers  

22 Jan 2024 - Skepticism is again rising over China’s official economic activity measures, with steel being a prime case in point, report the (London) Financial Times. 

NSC-USS Sale Doesn’t Impact National Security, Says Former Treasury Secretary

19 Jan 2024 - Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said national security is a non-issue when it comes to the Nippon Steel Corp. acquisition of United States Steel Corporation, reports the Bloomberg news service.

Report: U. S. Steel – Nippon Steel Deal Faces Scrutiny  

11 Jan 2024 - Attorneys for United States Steel Corporation and Nippon Steel Corporation have been exchanging phone calls and emails as the Biden Administration prepares to review the planned acquisition of the American steelmaker, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. 

Labor Caucus Seeks Review of U. S. Steel Acquisition

03 Jan 2024 - The U.S. Congressional Labor Caucus is asking the Biden administration to undertake a comprehensive regulatory review of Nippon Steel Corp.’s planned acquisition of United States Steel Corporation. 

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