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Chinese Steel Industry to Focus on 'Production Optimization' in 2019, Says Association Chairman

14 Jan 2019 - As it continues to execute supply-side reforms, China’s steel industry likely will switch gears this year and begin to consolidate and streamline operations, the chairman of the China Iron and Steel Association has said. 

EU Countries to Vote on Steel Import Restrictions

09 Jan 2019 - The European Union is to vote next week on whether to make permanent its provisional safeguard measure on steel imports, reports the Reuters news service. 

Section 232 Tariffs Have Fostered Job Creation, Capital Investment, Think Tank Says

11 Dec 2018 - The Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs haven’t yielded the disastrous economic consequences some had predicted and, in fact, have created new jobs and allowed for renewed capital investment, an economic think tank argues in a new paper.

Mittal Calls for Green Tax on Steel Imported Into Europe

11 Dec 2018 - ArcelorMittal executives on Tuesday said Europe ought to tax imported steel under the terms of its Emissions Trading System as a way to prod foreign producers into reducing emissions and maintain a level playing field for domestic producers. 

Here's China's Next Big Pollution Battle: Slag Piles

11 Dec 2018 - China has been trying to crack down on air pollution generated by its steel industry. Now, it’s targeting another type of pollution created by the mills – the thousands of slag piles that dot the country. 

Section 232 Tariff Battle Enters a New Phase

21 Nov 2018 - The international dispute over the Trump administration’s Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum has ratcheted up, as opposing countries confirmed on Wednesday they will move to begin adjudication proceedings, the Reuters news service reports. 

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