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Primetals Technologies Lands Order for Converter Relining Machine

21 Jun 2022 - Brazil’s Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) has ordered a relining machine from Primetals Technologies for its Pecém mill, the equipment supplier reports. 

AM/NS India Selects Primetals Technologies for Tandem Mill Build 

09 Jun 2022 - Primetals Technologies has landed an order for a pickling line and tandem cold mill for a joint-venture mill in India. 

Primetals Technologies Receives FAC on New Caster Optimization System

25 May 2022 - U.S. and German steel producers have issued the final acceptance certificates for a subscription-based casting optimization system created by Primetals Technologies. 

Primetals Technologies Names Head of Green Steel

18 May 2022 - Alexander Fleischanderl was appointed the head of Primetals Technologies’ new green steel task force, the company announced today in an official press release.

Primetals Technologies to Supply 3.4-Million-Ton Slab Caster for Algerian Mill

12 May 2022 - Tosyali Holding has contracted Primetals Technologies to install a 3.4-million-ton-capacity slab caster at its mill in Bethioua, Algeria, the equipment supplier reports.

Turkish Stainless Producer Sets Metallurgical Records

04 May 2022 - A Primetals Technologies-built vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD) plant in Turkey has set two new world records, producing the largest heat and the achieving the lowest carbon content for such a plant.

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