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News on the research and development of new technologies used in all areas of the iron and steel industry.

Hydrogen Steelmaking

Automotive Lightweighting

News items about the continual development of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) and other materials for use in the development of lighter vehicles with better fuel efficiency without compromising safety.

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Researchers Take Big Step in Solving Hydrogen Embrittlement

13 Jan 2020 - In what they say is a first, researchers at The University of Sydney in Australia have made direct observation of hydrogen at dislocations and grain boundaries in steel, offering important new information on the vexing problem of hydrogen embrittlement.

POSCO Developing Precision Location Tag

02 Jan 2020 - A POSCO research and development subsidiary is partnering with two tech firms to develop a location-tracking tag to be used in its plants. 

Russian Scientists Declare Success in New Steel Trial 

27 Nov 2019 - A research team at Russia’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST MISIS) has developed a new corrosion-resistant steel grade designed for oil pipelines.

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