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News on the research and development of new technologies used in all areas of the iron and steel industry.

Hydrogen Steelmaking

Automotive Lightweighting

News items about the continual development of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) and other materials for use in the development of lighter vehicles with better fuel efficiency without compromising safety.

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Arkansas State Establishes Steel Research Center 

03 Apr 2024 - A US$10 million Congressional appropriation is kick-starting development of a steel manufacturing center at Arkansas State University. 

Japanese DRI Demonstration Project Selects ENERGIRON Technology

20 Mar 2024 - Tenova and Danieli will lend their ENERGIRON direct reduction technology to a demonstration project intended to test full hydrogen reduction with low-grade iron ore. 

Tenova Joins Green Hydrogen Trial 

29 Feb 2024 - Tenova is partnering with two other Italian companies on a project intended to validate hybrid heating technologies for steel reheating, the equipment manufacturer has announced.

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