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Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals to Provide CGL Equipment to JFE Indonesia

12/2/2013 - Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc. has received an order from PT. JFE Steel Galvanizing Indonesia for continuous galvanizing line (CGL) equipment for the production of high-grade steel sheets for automotive use.
In Indonesia, sales of automobiles, together with production, exceeded the 1 million unit level in 2012 and are forecast to exceed the 1.6 million unit level in 2017 and the 1.9 million unit level in 2022. Thus, together with Thailand, Indonesia forms the core of the growing Southeast Asian market.
Indonesia's per-capita real GDP growth rate in fiscal year 2012 was also 6.2%, and stable high growth is predicted in 2013 and thereafter.
The planned construction site is in Bekasi, West Java province. The order includes one set of CGL equipment, recoiling equipment, and packaging equipment and is scheduled to begin operation in March 2016.
As a key base for the production of high grade automotive steel sheets by JFE Steel Corporation in Southeast Asia, the new plant will make an important contribution to the development of Indonesia.

Pictured above: Plant similar to the CGL scheduled for delivery in Indonesia.