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Agency Rules Dumping of Hot Rolled Plate is Harming Canadian Industry

11/5/2013 - The Canadian International Trade Tribunal determined that there is a reasonable indication that the dumping of hot rolled carbon steel plate from the Brazil, Chinese Taipei, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, and South Korea has caused injury or is threatening to cause injury to the domestic industry.
The Tribunal's inquiry was conducted pursuant to the Special Import Measures Act as a result of the initiation of a dumping investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The CBSA will continue its investigation and, by 4 December 2013, will issue a preliminary determination.
The Tribunal is an independent quasi-judicial body that reports to Parliament through the Minister of Finance. It hears cases on dumped and subsidized imports, complaints about federal government procurement, appeals of customs and excise tax rulings and safeguard complaints. When requested by the federal government, the Tribunal also provides advice on other economic, trade and tariff matters.