Steel News

Latin American Apparent Steel Use Reached 50 Million Tons in First Nine Months of Year

11/28/2013 - Alacero reported that apparent steel use in Latin America reached 50 million tons in the first three quarters of 2013, in line with the same period of 2012, while finished steel production grew 1%to reach 41 million tons.
Brazil registered the higher finished steel consumption level of 20 million tons (40% of regional consumption), displaying 4% growth vs. the first nine months of 2012. On the other hand, Mexico showed a marked drop of 10% in the same period.
Between January and October, Latin America produced 47.5 million tons of finished steel, 1% more than the same period of 2012. The main finished steel manufacturer was Brazil that accounted for 22 million tons and represented 46% of the total Latin American production. It was followed by Mexico with 13 million tons (28% of share). Peru increased its production by 18%, while Chile and Colombia displayed drops of 16% and 17%, respectively, compared to the first three quarters of 2012. The production drop in Chile can be partially explained after the closure of a flat steel line at CAP’s Huachipato Plant during the current year.
In October 2013, finished steel regional production reached 5 million tons, 8% more than October 2012. Argentina (27%) and Colombia (25%) were the countries that incremented their production the most. In contrast, Venezuela and Chile displayed drops of 13% and 11%, respectively.
Between January and October 2013, crude steel production in Latin America was 54 million tons, 2% less than the same 2012 period. Brazil continued to be the largest regional producer with 28.9 million tons, even though its output decreased 1% compared to the same 2012 period.
In October 2013, crude steel production reached 5.8 million tons, in line with October 2012. Colombia (27%), Argentina (15%) and Mexico (4%) increased production vs. October 2012.
Trade Balance
During January/September 2013, regional finished steel trade presented an 8.2 million ton deficit, slightly lower than the 9.4 million ton deficit registered in the same period of 2012.
In January/September 2013, every Latin American and Caribbean country—except for Argentina and the Dominican Republic—displayed finished steel trade deficits, with Mexico the country that showed the most important unbalance (-2 million tons). Other countries that presented significant deficits were: Colombia (-1.3 million tons), Peru (-1.1 million tons) and Chile (-990,000 tons).