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Gore Invests in New Low Emissions Technologies for Metallurgical Industries

11/13/2013 - W. L. Gore & Associates is increasing its technical development and market focus activities in the steel, lead, ferroalloy and related metallurgical industries to address current and upcoming requirements of U.S. EPA NESHAP regulations.
The inventor and leading supplier of ePTFE membrane filtration is developing new low emission technologies to remove mercury and SOx and to control NOx, dioxin/furan and particulate matter (PM2,5). Gore has also reshaped its distribution structure and is focusing on a direct-to-market distribution strategy, with full and direct sales and technical support.
Field tests prove emission data below legislative requirements
Gore has worked closely with producers in the steel, lead, and ferroalloy industries to better understand their needs and partner on new technology trials. The trials have focused on both fitness-for-use and economic viability of the new technologies in steel producing electric arc furnaces, lead recycling applications and other related processes.
One source for total quality control – Midwesco partnership ended
In order to serve the metallurgical industries in the most customer-orientated way and ensure the best product quality, Gore filter bags are now only available directly from W. L. Gore & Associates, and Gore´s PTFE roll laminate brand PRISTYNE® Filter Media is no longer available from North American based Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries.
Comprehensive technical support and filter system analysis
W. L. Gore & Associates pioneered the use of membrane filtration with expanded PTFE in 1973. Gore’s new business portfolio for the metallurgical industry is rounded out by its successfully proven approach that offers comprehensive consultation from Gore industry experts and analysis labs located worldwide. Gore’s approach optimizes the entire system, not just the filters, to enable producers to optimize their production processes and achieve more cost effective production. 
Pictured below: The use of low emission filter bags is becoming increasingly important for metallurgical producers in order to be in compliance with U.S. EPA NESHAP regulations.

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