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SSAB Introduces Green Pre-Coated Steel

11/19/2013 - SSAB announced the worldwide launch of GreenCoat, a new pre-coated sheet steel developed from rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil based solvents.
The result is an improved coated steel product with a significantly reduced environmental burden.
Developed together with scientists from the paint industry and the most skilled expertise from the agricultural sector, patented GreenCoat makes roofing, wall coverings, rainwater systems and other building applications easier to process and also improves their outdoor stability.
GreenCoat also has many other documented benefits over previous pre-coated steel. Gloss and color lasts longer, something that SSAB guarantees. Scatch resistance is improved which is testified by many of the tinsmiths that have been working with the material.
“We have learned that creating an environmentally better product does not mean compromising neither quality nor product performance. On the contrary, we firmly believe that these can go hand-in-hand,” explained Magdalena Nillius, product manager coated products, SSAB.
GreenCoat represents a completely new generation of pre-coated sheet steel, however, the steel itself comes from the same high quality processing techniques that SSAB is known for.
The iron pellets come from high quality ore mines located in the North of Sweden. The steel mill in Luleå is one of the cleanest in the world and is continuously improved to keep this position.
The steel is transported by climate awarded trains to the mill in Borlänge, where sheet steel is produced and painted in industrial controlled and enclosed processes.

SSAB is a global leader in value added, high strength steel. SSAB offers products developed in close cooperation with its customers to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. SSAB has employees in over 45 countries and operates production facilities in Sweden and the U.S.