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Steel Plantech Makes Successful Hot Run of Hyundai Steel's Plant Expansion

11/28/2013 - Steel Plantech announced a successful hot run was held in early September 2013 of Phase III of the 4 million ton per year expansion of the No.2 steelmaking plant at Hyundai Steel’s Dangjin Works.
The work was carried out as a follow-up to the construction of No. 1 steelmaking plant which included an 8 million ton per year expansion completed between 2010 and 2011. This brings the total capacity of the Dangjin Works to 12 million tons per year.
This Phase III project began with construction of OG equipment in November 2012 and the commissioning of the equipment was started in May 2013. All the equipment was started up in sequence; beginning with secondary refining facilities (RH, LF), hot metal pretreatment system (KR) in August 2013, and finally successful hot-run of the No. 4 and No. 5 BOFs was achieved in September 2013.
With the completion of Phase III project, Hyundai Steel has realized integration of the No.1 steelmaking plant and No.2 steelmaking plant in the form of a compact integrated steel mill (CISM) with complementary logistics and processing functions thanks to a globally pioneering layout whereby the hot metal pit is shared between the No.1 and No.2 steelmaking plants.
For Hyundai Steel, its steelmaking plant is the most important part in deciding the quality of the automotive steel sheets it supplies to Hyundai/Kia Motors, and this high-efficiency, high-quality steel production process, which was achieved due to the knowledge and hard work of all involved parties, has attracted much attention from the steel industry. For Steel Plantech, aside from representing an invaluable experience, this project is also an invaluable asset in the trust relationship built with Hyundai Steel over many years from Phase I to Phase III.