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worldsteel Announces the steeluniversity Challenge Regional Champions

11/22/2013 - The World Steel Association (worldsteel) announced the regional champions for the 8th steeluniversity Challenge.
The regional championship took place online for a 24-hour period on 12 November 2013. This year’s Challenge attracted 2,024 teams representing 41 different countries, an increase of 76% compared to last year. More than 48,000 attempts were made and 1,244 teams successfully completed the task. The lowest cost achieved at the regional championship was US$62.16/tonne. 
The new regional champions in the ‘Industry’ and ‘Student’ categories will be invited with expenses paid to compete for the title of World Champion in Brussels in February 2014 in the presence of leaders of the global steel industry. All regional champions will be awarded certificates and cash prizes. At the end of the Grand Final world championship trophies will be awarded in the two categories. 
The entrants were challenged to cast high strength steel billets at the lowest total cost using a continuous casting simulation at An application of this steel is the cables of suspension bridges. 

The regional champions of the Industry category  
Region Team members Affiliation Country
Latin America Franco Andrés Göttig,
José Ignacio Petean
Siderar SAIC Argentina
North America Jaclyn Howe,
Alyssa Briere
U. S. Steel Canada
Europe-CIS Juha Erkkilä,
Veli Vuorenmaa
Ruukki Metals Finland
East Asia-Oceania Shen Yongdai,
Wang Dugang
Ansteel China
Middle East-India-Africa Kausik Tamuli,
Animesh Kumar Singh
Tata Steel Ltd. India
The regional champions of the Student category
Region Team members Affiliation Country
Latin America Ezio Agustín Casalini,
Francisco Brañas
Universidad Nacional del Sur Argentina
North America Seth Rummel,
Sonny Tengblad
Missouri University of Science and Technology USA
Europe-CIS Fabiano Da Silva Lima,
Álax Jean Pereira Costa
DID Deutsch Institut Germany
East Asia-Oceania Zewei Liang,
Jiafa Zhu
Wuhan University of Science and Technology China
Middle East-India-Africa Chandrahaasan Kattuputhur Soundararajan,
Sethu Prasanth Shanmugam
PSG College of Technology India
For more information on the results of the challenge, click here.