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Construction Underway for Evraz Stratcor's New Facilities For Processing Vanadium-Bearing Steelmaking Slag

10/4/2013 - Construction is well underway on a US$7 million expansion at EVRAZ Stratcor’s Hot Springs, Ark., operations that will allow the plant to use roasted steelmaking slag in the production of specialty vanadium alloys and chemicals.
The expansion will improve the Hot Springs plant’s leaching and reagent systems so the plant can process roasted slag in addition to various other feedstocks.

When the new facilities come on stream in late 2013, the Hot Springs plant will be able to produce 9 million lbs. of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) per year. At that time, roasted steelmaking slag is expected to be the primary feedstock used at the plant.

Roasted vanadium-bearing steelmaking slag is an abundant source of vanadium that comes from EVRAZ’s steel operations that process vanadium-bearing iron ore in Russia. The slag produced at EVRAZ’s Nizhny Tagil (NTMK) steel works in Russia contains about 50 million lbs. of V2O5 per year — or about one quarter of the V2O5 available in slag globally. After roasting, this slag will be shipped to the EVRAZ Stratcor plant in Hot Springs for use in the production of extremely high-purity vanadium oxide and other high-purity alloys and chemicals.

“The Hot Springs plant has been extensively testing roasted steelmaking slag in its production facilities and has been processing a substantial shipment of this material this summer,” said Tim Scott, president of EVRAZ Stratcor. “By late 2013 when the plant’s expansion is complete, EVRAZ Stratcor’s Hot Springs plant expects to be receiving regular shipments of roasted slag that will be the major raw material used in EVRAZ Stratcor’s specialty-vanadium operations. At that time, EVRAZ’s worldwide vanadium operations will be more vertically integrated from raw materials to finished product, allowing EVRAZ to better serve the needs of our specialty customers.”