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Converter Successfully Revamped by SMS Siemag at ArcelorMittal Gent

10/28/2013 - ArcelorMittal Gent in Belgium successfully commissioned the converter modernized by SMS Siemag according to schedule.
SMS Siemag supplied the converter vessel complete with the trunnion ring, the lamella-type vessel suspension system, the trunnion bearing, the bearing pedestals and the converter tilt drive. The use of the lamella system developed by SMS Siemag allows the specific volume of the converter to be increased by about 15%.

Pictured below: Successfully in operation since the end of August 2013,
the converter at ArcelorMittal Gent, modernized by SMS Siemag.
Thanks to the lamella suspension system, the available installation space can be exploited more effectively.
This maintenance-free solution provides for the converter vessel to be suspended in the trunnion ring in an unrestricted manner.
The converters can cope with the thermal stresses due to the use of the lamella system, the provision of a wide clearance between the trunnion ring and the converter vessel, and the use of hightemperature-resistant fine-grained structural steels. No additional cooling media is required. Sufficient cooling is guaranteed by natural cooling alone.
ArcelorMittal Gent in Belgium is an integrated iron and steel plant producing approximately 5 million tons per year of carbon steel flat products, mainly for the automotive industry.