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Court Rules in AK Steel's Favor in Patent Infringement Litigation with ArcelorMittal

10/30/2013 - AK Steel said that the United States District Court for the District of Delaware again confirmed that the company's ULTRALUME® advanced high-strength steel product does not infringe upon an ArcelorMittal patent.
The Court granted summary judgment in favor of AK Steel on 25 October 2013. 
The Court further concluded that ArcelorMittal's patent was invalid due to ArcelorMittal's deliberate violation of a statutory prohibition on broadening a patent through reissue more than two years from the grant of the initial patent. 
AK Steel's ULTRALUME® advanced high-strength steel helps automakers design lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles without sacrificing occupant safety.  The product has been accepted for use by numerous automotive original equipment manufacturers, and is used for hot-stamped, press-hardened applications.