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Delta Steel Technologies' Leveler Machines Engineered to Deliver Dead Flat Steel

10/9/2013 - Delta Steel Technologies (DST), one of the largest leveler producers in the world, engineers and manufactures a range of custom metal processing lines fitted with leveling technology tailored to customer requirements.
For heavy gauge applications DST’s hefty machine can process perfectly flat steel from 250,000 psi yield strength, heat-treated armored plate with edge curves in just one pass. Machines are available in thickness capacities ranging from 2-in. armor plate to 0.005-in. food and beverage stock.
For lighter gauges, DST’s patented Fiber Equalizer converts sheet, strip or plate with material deviations into dead flat metal. The Fiber Equalizer removes shape defects including camber, edge wave, positive/negative crown, and unequal thicknesses from 0.015 inch up to 0.250 inch. The continuous coil processing device and the heavy gauge leveler feature robust mill duty construction for durability and reliable performance.

With nearly 50 years of tradition behind it, Delta is a leading provider of value-added metal processing solutions tailored to customers' individual requirements.  Delta also is able to optimize designs and engineer lines while incorporating customer concepts. Today, Delta continues to combine innovation, application engineering, and integrated automation to give metal service centers and steel producing mills critical competitive advantages.